Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

It was a Tuesday morning and I had arrived at the prison earlier than other mornings to prepare for a class we were having in the chapel. As I was hurrying down the sidewalk an older man approached me. He said that he was currently struggling through some issues and wondered if I had time to hear him out. I remember feeling impatient and very inadequate that morning as I sat in a pew and listened to his story. Knowing that most of the struggles this man was facing came directly from his incarceration. I sat there feeling as though I could not relate or understand what he was going through. After talking for awhile I asked him, We have never really met before, why did you choose to tell me all of this? His response was “You looked like a person that I could trust!” I have been pondering his response and how a first impression can alter the impact we have on a persons life. We as Christians are instructed in Matthew 5:16, to be the Light of The World and to let our light so shine before men, that they may see the good works of the Father so that all may glorify Him. I am challenged as I go about each day with the question, what kind of impact do I leave on the people I encounter and am I a living transparent testimony of what God has done in my life? I recently read a poem that said, “You are writing a gospel, A chapter each day, By deeds that you do, By words that you say. Men read what you write, Whether faithless or true, Say, what is the gospel according to you?” I was challenged that day, regardless of my circumstances at any given time, as a Christian I am always required to represent the love that Christ has shown me.

2 thoughts on “Sunday Afternoon Thoughts

  1. The light was shining from you, I believe, and he knew that you could be trusted because he saw, sensed, that the light of The One he could trust was in you … “They” know … And “they” are often drawn through no reasoning other than “they” knew. Blessings. God is Good.

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