A Hope That The World Can’t Describe

Each month we pick a theme for our weekly Friday afternoon services. Our theme for April was “Where there is life, there is hope.” In one of those services we studied Psalms 27:1-6. I was encouraged as we looked at David and his response to what we may say a difficult situation. Amidst all his struggles he still had hope. Not hope in the way the world describes, but a hope, a deep settled confidence in God. Most incarcerated men have a hope of leaving the razor wire and some even come to church expecting God to give them favor. David did not have to earn his hope, it came from his commitment to the Lord and his confidence in the Lord. I stressed that day that David had a relationship with God and this was his basic foundation for hope. After going through Psalms 27 that day an older Christian man came up to me and with tear filled eyes said, “I believe I probably won’t leave this place until I die, but then Chaplain Miller I know where I will be.” This man’s hope wasn’t merely a fond wish or desire, it was deep settled confidence in God, rooted in a relationship with God. This man knew whatever life had in store for him that he could have confidence in the promise of a place that was prepared for those who surrendered their lives to Almighty God. His goal and priority was no longer freedom from the razor wire, but his relationship with God. I was impacted that day and left convicted at how often we tend to replace our relationship and focus on God with life’s concerns.

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