Here is a prayer request from an incarcerated brother/friend of mine as he prepares to go to back to court this month. He is currently serving a Life Without Parole Sentence. He has recently found a break in his case and may be eligible for a reduced sentence or parole. John has been transformed by the work of Christ and there is no doubt that he would be productive citizen in our society.

My name is John. I am a thirty-one year old incarcerated male. I have been incarcerated for the last fifteen plus years. I had been told that I would never again be able to live in a free society. That was something that my mind and heart could not wrap around. In trying to deal with that issue, it caused me to have major struggles in other areas in my faith walk. I continued to pray and trust in God the best that I could, sometimes were better than others. At some point, I’m not sure of the exact point, but God dealt with my heart concerning my sentence. It was simple as just let him do what he does. My sentence was not for me to be concerned about, it was up to God to change or not.
Recently there have been some things happening in my life that have given me hope that my sentence may change. My prayer request is that I have the strength to whole heartedly seek God’s will in this situation, and be able to put my sights fully on him. Not myself, not lawyers, judges, or anything else. Just Him!

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