Thought For The Week: “Our Lives Reflect Our Love For God.” (Part 1)

I have been reading a book recently entitled “Come Unto Me”, written by James P. Gills. In the book he writes….

How often I had cried,” Lord, You alone are my God, and I am Your servant. Use me, I pray, as an instrument of Your love. Glorify Yourself through me.” God heard our prayers. He responded to the call of my heart and said, “Come unto Me.” So, come I would, but I had not yet learned to remain in Him.

I would come to God, throw myself at His feet and say, “Here I am.” But I did not know how to abide in His presence, to live in the shadow of the Almighty. I came to God when He called, but often my, “Here I am…” was too quickly followed by, Send my brother.”

God calls all of us as He did Moses, from “burning bushes” placed strategically along familiar pathways, for strategic purposes. What is our response? Is it, “Here am I, send Aaron,” or is it, “Here I am, I am willing.” Our lives reflect on how much we actually love our Lord!

2 thoughts on “Thought For The Week: “Our Lives Reflect Our Love For God.” (Part 1)

  1. This reminds me of the saying “actions speak louder than words”. The way we live our lives speaks much more about our love for the Lord than merely our words.

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