Principle of Attitude

The dictionary defines attitude as a state of mind or a feeling towards a person or subject. The attitude you choose determines how you will learn, serve, listen and make changes throughout your life.

Attitude is a little thing, which makes a big difference.” (Winston Churchill)

You will reap many benefits from having a positive attitude. You will be happy and energized, focus on the present, find growth opportunities in problems, and learn from your failures rather than be defeated by them. You will reach your goals more quickly and easily and others will start to reflect your attitude.

If you have a positive attitude, you will minimize fear before you face problems, you will look for creative solutions when difficult circumstances arise. You will never give up and you will stay focused and optimistic.

To build a positive mental attitude always have a clear vision of the purpose for your life. Learn to discern negative signs, connect mission with destiny and become an agent of hope inside your circle of influence. With every goal, there must be the right reason. With every dream, there must be the right purpose. The foundation for success is having a positive attitude.

What challenges do you face in maintaining a positive attitude?

Each week inside of prison I meet with several groups of guys and study a principle with the goal of cultivating a values-driven, God-centered lifestyle. This week our principle was Attitude.
For more on this Principle see Global Priority.

6 thoughts on “Principle of Attitude

  1. People that have a positive attitude are so much easier to be with. Cultivating that in people is a true gift to them. Thank you for your serving others who truly need a Christ like example in their lives.

  2. Having a positive attitude can be challenging at times but it is always a choice. We can choose to be irritated, frustrated or offended or we can choose to shine the light of Christ. It is really that simple. We have complete control over how we respond to others with our attitudes, words and actions. We need to choose to show Christ’s love to others. Blessings!

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