Thought of The Week “Wrecked for the Ordinary”

To be “wrecked” is to be disabused of the status quo. It means to have a redemptive transformation,
often catalyzed by a brush with the pain of a dying world. The process is anything but pretty.
It’s harsh and real and painfully honest. Finding out who you are and what your place is feels like
a sweater unwinding thread-by-thread. Your old life begins to make less and less sense in light
of your new priorities, and it seems futile to rebuild the old way of living.

At first, it’s disorienting—maybe even distracting. It calls out of you the greatest parts of you—
the parts you might be afraid to let out.

To be wrecked begins with an experience. It pulls you out of your comfort zone and, consequently,
out of self-centeredness. Whether you want it or not, this is what happens—your old narcissistic
dreams begin to fade in light of something bigger, something better. The process leaves you with
a paradigm that is still left standing after the “real world” has slammed into your ideals a couple
dozen times. It’s hard, but only because all things worth fighting for are hard. Being wrecked means
that everything you believe about this world, yourself, and your destiny is now in question. Because
you’ve seen something larger.

In the end, you’re not who you were before. You’re different. You’re changed. You may even feel
like your old values have been, in a sense, ruined by this new worldview. As confusing or as difficult
as that may sound, it’s a good thing.

We realize that we as humans are on a journey, and like all great voyages, we know that we will discover things about ourselves that we didn’t before know. The road of meaning is dirty and full of jagged rocks, even pieces of glass. It’s long and difficult, and that’s how we would prefer it. Jesus called this “the road to life that was so narrow few actually found it.”

It’s the unfamiliar that calls us to be more than we could ever be on our own. And in that period
of discomfort, we learn something about life—real life—that we didn’t know before. Something
cataclysmic or maybe even gradual happens. Nonetheless, something has to set all the subsequent
events into motion.

So come on, step out of our comfort zone and be prepared to be wrecked by God!

This excerpt comes from a book I read last night. I highly recommend reading this short manifesto, “Wrecked For The Ordinary” written by Jeff Goins.

3 thoughts on “Thought of The Week “Wrecked for the Ordinary”

  1. I read Jeff’s book, too and really loved it. My first trip to Nicaragua totally wrecked me for “ordinary” living. I’m thankful that the Lord gave me the privilege to go.


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