Thought Of The Week “Whose Lead Do You Follow?”

Jesus said he is light in this dark world, and if we get tired of the darkness-which we should-we only need to follow him to live a life walking in the light.

Walking in the dark is most certainly not easy. Even in your own home, where you may know the layout like the back of your hand, pitfalls abound. How many times have you stubbed your toe while heading to the bathroom in the middle of the night? How many times have you stepped on something you’d forgotten was on the floor? Can you imagine living your entire life that way, walking through a spiritual darkness?

We must turn on the light. We must follow Jesus. Wherever he may lead us.

That can be a scary thought, especially since he may not illuminate the entire path we’re walking. We may only get a glimpse or two of the direction we’re headed, but as long as we stick close to Jesus, the light of the world, we’ll be able to see what he needs and wants us to see.

This thought has challenged me this week as I read it from Here I Am To Worship Devotional Book.

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