Principle of Goals

Whatever we do in life should be done based on goals. Things don’t just happen. We can dream of possibilities and have desires for the future but it will not happen unless we design a plan. Without planning and setting goals we just respond to situations as they come up. We begin by knowing where we currently are (awareness) and then by knowing what we want (plan) and having a strategy for how to get there (goals). When we plan our activities and reach the goals we set for ourselves, we get a great feeling of satisfaction, and have become achievers. Without goals our dreams will seem out of reach.

If we have a good plan with goal posts along the way, we can focus on the goal which is short term, rather than a five or ten year plan which may seem too far away causing loss of interest or hopelessness. The fulfillment of a goal is only assured when we make a commitment to do it.

Some of the benefits for setting goals are:
1. An exciting life and future because we are accomplishing things and can see the progress we are making from our decisions and actions.
2. Feeling of achievement and purpose

If we are serious about setting goals these are some steps we should follow:
1. Record the things you want to achieve and your dreams in writing.
2. Write down how much it is going to cost you. Examine the cost, the resources, and the time required. Don’t forget to take into account the cost to relationships as well.
3. Understand there is always a price to pay to see dreams come true. Sometimes the price and the sacrifice are higher than expected or more than you are prepared to pay.
4. Set the pace and the course of your life. As you write the goals, allow yourself a time frame for completion.
5. Keep your mind constantly focused on your goals.
6. Be flexible, as you review your goals make adjustments as needed.

What barriers do you face when setting goals?

Each week inside of prison I meet with several groups of guys and study a principle with the goal of cultivating a values-driven, God-centered lifestyle. This week our principle was Goals. If you want to read last weeks principle click on here.
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  1. This is a great post, my only comment regarding # 6. Sometimes the LORD takes our plans and goals and shifts them just a bit. Being flexible helps us to adapt to the LORD’s leading.

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