Pray For Conviction, Repentance, and Growth

“Prayer is where the action is.” John Wesley

This morning I would like to request prayer for a young man that has been in my prayers for quite sometime. Larry is currently in lockup following a murder he committed two weeks ago while inside of prison. Though he is spending the next 30 months in lockup , I have had several opportunities to talk to him since the incident. Last week while I was speaking to him and he asked for a Bible, that he may be able to read the scriptures while he spends his days alone. Yesterday when I took him a Bible, he asked that I would pray for spiritual growth to happen in his life.

Though I believe Larry is sincere in growing spiritually, I would like to ask you to pray that he would also come to see sin for what it is. He seems to be quite proud of his accomplishments, but also acknowledges that there is more to this life than what he is experiencing now. Pray that he will hit rock bottom and see his own state of depravity, humbly repent from his sins, and follow after Christ.

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