Prayer For a Hardened Heart

Mercy is getting down on your hands and knees and doing what you can do to restore dignity to someone whose life has been broken by sin ( whether his own or that of someone else). Sinclair Ferguson

I want to remember Brian in prayer this week. Brian is a 37 year old male that is serving a life sentence for drug trafficking. He has been through several drug/addiction programs and has failed all of them as he continues to struggle with narcotics. Brian never comes to the chapel or tries to reach out for help. He is known within the prison as part of the Southern Brotherhood, and spends time studying the Norrish Gods, Vikings, and etc.

I talked to Brian’s mom recently and was told that Brian had went to church all his life. It wasn’t till he had failed the programs he had attempted to take, that he became distant from God. Brian has given up on life, left everything that he has been taught, and seemingly doesn’t care about God. His mother’s request to me was that I would reach out to him and today I will attempt to do so. I would cherish your prayers as I talk to him, also pray for Brian and that his hardened heart would be broken and his life transformed for the glory of Christ.

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