Thoughts On Prayer

“Prayer has wings. It can lift you beyond the dark clouds of the human struggle so that you are able to soar above. At the same time, prayer is a reminder that we are not God.” Ravi Zacharias

When I think about this quote this morning, I am humbly reminded how often we fly through our daily lives trying to achieve all that’s on our agenda and fail to pray. While I believe in the importance of prayer, I still find myself spending only minutes in prayer rather than hours. We often find ourselves only spending those longer portions in prayer when we really feel we need it. I think our lack of prayer is a sign that we are not really desperate for God and that we think we have it all figured out.

Enough said! I would like to request prayer as I prepare to speak on the subject of “Faith” tomorrow to 60 incarcerated men as they prepare for the possibility of re entering society. Pray that God would use me in a way that may effect their lives for eternity.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts On Prayer

  1. Praying for you. This is perhaps your hardest task. A lot of inmates getting ready to get out will just throw God to the curb, thinking they do not need HIM anymore. He was good enough to get them through their time, but now that they are going to be free, He is no good no more. This is the exact time when they will need God most. While they MAY stay free WITHOUT Him, their chances of staying free are much better WITH Him. God bless!

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