Prayer For a New Life In Christ

Prayer is ordained to this end that we should confess our sins, our needs to God, and bare our hearts to Him, as children lay their troubles in full confidence before their parents. John Calvin

I would like to request prayer today for Michael, an incarcerated man at the facility that I serve in. Yesterday I had the privilege of spending some time in prayer with him as he prayed a prayer of repentance and forgiveness, committing his life over into the care of his heavenly Father. Michael is a recovering drug addict, an addiction that has cost him his freedom, his reputation and the relationship of his family.

He has always surrounded himself with men that were much like himself and now as he begins to find new friends, let’s pray that he will surround himself with Godly men. Pray that he may remain strong and sober as he continues his new walk in faith. Pray that I may be an instrument used and controlled by God as I offer encouragement and support for him along his journey.

2 thoughts on “Prayer For a New Life In Christ

  1. I will most certainly pray to this effect. Thank you for this ministry to “the least of these”. I pray your ministry will continue to reap a harvest for the glory of the LORD. 🙂

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