Octobers Ministry Update

Matthew 25:36 I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me, I was in prison and you came to me.’

I want to thank all of you that have invested in this ministry either through your prayers and or fiances and would ask you to remember our family in prayer as we continue pursuing God’s direction in our lives. Below are several updates of what God has had me do inside of the prison ministering to the least of these.

In the last few months I believe God has been shifting my focus of ministry from doing a lot of classes and programs to mostly one on one discipleship. It is kind of ironic that I say that when the last few months I have found myself in the chapel office in more of an administrative role due to the head Chaplain’s increased military responsibilities. But I believe it was in this role that I found more time for personal one on one discipleship and less time for leading classes. One day while in the office working on some memos a younger man that I have known for a long time came in and sat down. We engaged in a conversation about his absence in our chapel services and his struggle of being consistent in studying his Bible. While talking I felt led to ask if he would be interested in meeting once a week to study the Bible together. He was overjoyed with the offer and since than we have been meeting once a week studying our Bibles. Two weeks ago I was speaking to another man that had asked me on several occasions for prayer, during our conversation he told me of his struggle at being faithful and asked if I would keep him accountable. We also meet once or twice a week to pray, study the Bible, or sometimes just talk. I currently meet with four different men weekly, and have noticed and have been told that God is working in their lives. My experience these last few weeks with these men has also quickened my faith and renewed a passion inside of me for the ministry that Christ has purposed.

A few weeks ago while in the chapel I received a call from a local drug rehab ministry, where one of the inmates daughter was currently going through their program. Her father was housed in our infirmary, and was only given a few days to live due to his struggle of cancer. The drug counselor requested that I would join the daughter while she visited her father for the last time, stating that it had been 15 years since they had seen each other. The next morning I met the daughter in the infirmary as she spent time with her father for the last time. There were many tears shed as her dad wasn’t responding very well and had changed immensely since she had last seen him. She was very concerned of her father’s salvation and I was grateful to share with her that he had chosen to follow Christ. I struggled through our 2 hours that day as part of me wanted to be angry at her for abandoning her father in prison until he was dying, and also wondering about the hurt she must of felt for him abandoning her at an early age and going to prison. I believe there was a lot of forgiveness that happened that morning as her father tightly gripped her hand and we spent time reading the Bible and praying. A few hours after her visit, her father went on peacefully to be with his Lord.

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