2013 Vision Class Essays

Each week I meet with several groups of men as we study character principles from the Bible. In November, upon completing a 10 week study on vision, I asked these men several questions on how this study had affected them. Though I am not able to share all the comments from these 30 men, I do want to share a few with you as a thank you for partnering with us in this ministry.

I asked them how the study of vision had affected their thinking and what behavior has changed as a result?

Adam said, “The study of vision has opened my eyes.”

Eric stated, “The word vision itself gives me the attitude of overcoming. I know I have purpose if I have vision, vision gives me way into my future, which in turn allows me to dream. The Bible says ‘without a vision the people perish,’ this lets me know if I want to succeed in life I need vision to make it. Since this class I no longer do what I want to do, like things that just feel good to me, because it’s not all about me.”

Jamie replied, “Part of making my visions become a reality means taking inventory on every area of my life possible and this making a big change in my behavior.”

Julian said, “My thinking has adopted the course of precaution, meaning that I will stop and consider these principles before making rash decisions.”

James said, “This course has reaffirmed my faith in the Lord, as well as help solidify how much I need the guidance of the Holy Spirit in my life.”

Eric said, “This study of vision has given me a clear, direct understanding on several life changing principles that I thought I knew already.”

I also asked them, “What self-imposed boundaries have you put into place to help govern your choices?”

Mickey said, “I’ve started putting prayer and meditation into my life and also I go to church more regularly.”

Kelvin said, “Some of my boundaries used to be very poor. As a matter of fact, I remember at one point I had no clue of what boundaries were. One self-imposed boundary I now live by is not to put my expectations on other people.”

Darrin said,” To stay focused on change, to depend on God to guide me, and to put my past behind me.”

Devis said, “Self-control and self-discipline are the most affective boundaries imposed in my life right now. Because apart from controlling myself, I am out of control.”

I also asked if they could describe their vision for the future.

Marvin replied, “My vision for the future is me doing the work that I have been called to do by using the abilities and means that I am blessed to have developed over the years.”

Darrin said, “To be a better example on how to live a better life to my family and those who work around me.”

James said, “My wife and I have put the pieces back together, we are back as a couple and hoping and praying that I may get out, for us to share our lives together. God has a plan for me and I want to give Him all honor, praise, and glory in whatever I do.”

Julian said, “The future I envision for myself, is that of one where I am established and will have the freedom to accomplish personal goals without encountering any circumstances based on bad decisions.”

Tony said, “My vision for the future is simple. I want to be as positive as I can be. I want to be of help and assistance to my family, peers, and community.”

Eric said, “I have a vision to operate with outreach ministry. My vision is to work with different youth groups in the inner city. I plan to create an atmosphere where young people can be or feel free to be who they are, find their gifts and talents, and to teach them to use them for the glory of God.”

Milton said, “My vision for the future is to be back home and invest in my children’s lives as I spend time with my grandchildren teaching them the importance of a relationship with God.”

I was extremely encouraged with these men and their answers to the questions I had asked. They were dedicated to the class and very honest and sincere in their testimonies. I pray that all these men not only learn helpful principles for life but also sense their depravity before God and surrender their lives to Christ. Please remember these men in your prayers as I continue building relationships with them.

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