“Behold Your God”

Last June in the Faith Based Honor Dorm, I begun a journey through a study called Behold Your God for 12 weeks with 16 men. Behold Your God is born out of a desire to see the glory of God manifested once again among God’s people. The class attempts to answer two questions, “Who is the God I profess to know?” and “How must I live if I am to live faithfully unto this God?” After the class I had each student write two essays on how the study had effected the way they think about God and how the study might had impacted them long term. These are some of the responses from these men.

How has this study affected the way you think about God?

Mark- This study made me realize that I had only scratched the surface in my relationship with God. It made me want a deeper relationship with God. I have a desire to seek the god of the Bible in a way I never did before.

Earnest- This study has showed me how God is made visible to me. I have to learn to open my eyes and search for Him. It has also inspired me to stay in the Word, stay away from the temptation in this camp. I love the Lord and I know that I am saved and want to feel His presence each day of my life.

David- This study has given me a better understanding of what God expects from me in my relationship with Him as well as how I should pursue that closer relationship with Him.

Courtney- This study has helped me draw near to God and know that He will draw near to me. No one has ever seen God, the only way we get to know the Father is through His Son Jesus Christ. This study made the invisible God, visible to me and my peers.

Joshua- This study has made me realize that if you’re going to follow the Lord then it is something you need to do 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the past I followed the Lord on my time and when it was convenient for me. I know that is not how things work and I need to change things.

Roger- This study has caused me to take a more serious look at God and led me to rethink the way I worship Him.

Marvin (A Muslim in search for the truth)- It is always a pleasure to be involved in a study designed to generate deeper thoughts about God. It has been refreshing and enlightening. This study has greatly affected the way I think about God.

How has this study impacted you long term?

Roger- This study has inspired me to sow into the lives of the men in my cell-block.

Samuel- I want the impact of this study to become a habitual lifestyle.

Mark- It has made my desire to know the God of the Bible grow stronger, which will have a long term impact.

Earnest- Evangelism is what God has called me to, but if I don’t put God up front, the rest is no good.

David- I must be more diligent in my pursuit of my true relationship with God, put my life in the hand of God and trust Him.

Billy- This study has challenged me to share who God is and what He has done for me to my family and those around me.

I am excited and blessed as I see God’s work in these men’s lives. Feedback like this gives me reason to continue sharing the Gospel message with those who are not yet following Christ and to help nurture personal growth and holiness to those who have surrendered their lives to following Christ. My prayer is that they would recognize their depravity without God, experience His forgiveness, and then surrender their lives to Him in worship.   “Forgiven much, Worship much”

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