ReNew Hope 2015 Update

Monday Night ReNew Hope Update.

We entered the facility with no problem today! We spent time visiting in the Faith Based Honor Dorm, the Therapeutic Community, and the infirmary where we prayed and sang several songs to men who were ill, sick with cancer, and recent stabbing victims. This afternoon we joined the incarcerated men in an afternoon prayer service where they prayed for the prison officials, fellow inmates, and for revival to break out at St. Clair this week. The evenings service was excellent with 80 men in attendance. It started 30 minutes early with the inmate praise band leading out in a few songs, then volunteer Richard Baldwin sharing his testimony and then music from Make East and Ken Wengerd bringing the message. The men were challenged on looking for a deeper relationship with God, many were touched. When the day was complete we could all say with certainty that our day had been Holy Spirit led and inspired. God is working at St. Clair!

Tuesday Night ReNew Hope Update

Our team joined up with the Donaldson Correctonal team today. We spent several hours visiting with the men at Donaldson’s Faith Based Honor Dorm, and spent an hour on Death Row this afternoon. We left Donaldson Correctional Facility at 3:30 pm and traveled towards St. Clair Correctional for the evenings service with Catalyst East. On our way to St. Clair we were informed that the service there had been canceled due to security reasons. Our day did not go as intended but we are believing that God will allow us to have the other services this week.

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