Ministry Update

I want to share with you about a man that currently resides in the Faith Based Honor Dorm at St. Clair. Earnest is 58 years old and has been in prison for 8 years now and I have known him for quite some time. He never comes to any chapel services but normally keeps to himself, either reading his Bible or writing letters. The other day as I was making my normal rounds walking through the dorm, I felt God leading me to take several minutes and sit down next to him. At first our conversation was focused on the prison and the things happening there and then as time went on he begun sharing about himself. Earnest shared about his life on the outside of prison as a Baptist pastor for 30 years and how him and his wife would travel on mission trips every year for their vacations. He continued talking about how God used him in many ways and how those memories are what give him hope while in prison. I sat there and wondered how a man like Earnest, someone so in love with God, so willing to serve Him would ever end up in prison. I asked him why he never came to the chapel and why he chose to stay to himself all the time. He responded saying “I feel like I have left God down, I am here for the death of my wife, which I never did, but somehow I must of left God down to send me to this place, I don’t understand.” Earnest was sentenced for the murder of his wife, which happened during an invasion at their home. The DA convicted him due to phone numbers on his phone and the testimony of a lady in his church that he and his wife had been counseling. The lady’s claim to an affair with Earnest was considered motive which landed him in prison on a plea bargain of 20years. I felt extremely remorseful as he cried his heart out to me, saying ” I still love God, but I just have a lot of questions for Him?” He shared with me that he had never shared this with anyone before, and how good it felt to share it now. I encouraged him to continue talking about his past, and to start getting involved with the church at St. Clair. 

There are many more men like Earnest at St. Clair and I encounter them everyday. Not all the men at St.Clair come from broken homes and bad lifestyles some are Christian men that have made mistakes in their lives that have brought them here. They are filled with brokenness, despair, and like Earnest have many questions for God. My goal as I serve there is to get these men talking about their past and no longer be held captive to it. Pray that God would continue using me to be the sounding board for these men.

 Since long-term ministry at St. Clair is what we believe God has called us to, and in order to be able to serve in the capacity that we do now, we need the financial partnership of individuals like you. We pray that you may consider partnering with us. You can do so either by a one-time financial gift or a monthly recurring financial gift. If you feel God leading you in that way follow this link “We Care Program” and follow the instruction in making a donation to Jeremy Miller!

Thank you, without God, your prayers, and monthly financial support this ministry would not be possible.

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