Real Men, Love God

Satan has bewitched most men of today. Through sin, husbands and fathers are forfeiting their position of authority, leaving their entire household vulnerable and expose to enemy. The enemy has slipped in undetected and is nibbling away at the very fabric of our society—the family structure. What has happened in today’s time is that men have become self-centered, lusting after everything the world has to offer: money, fame, sex, drugs, and etc. (I John 2:15-16). The enemy has entrapped them through their ungodly desires, and now the wives are left suffering, trying to fill the void of an absentee father. Our children are struggling to navigate their way through a dark world and find their place in society. How can our children succeed when fathers have left them vulnerable and exposed to the deadly trap of the enemy? The enemy has been waging war against fathers from the beginning of creation, bounding them through, leaving the home defenseless (Mark 3:27). John Bevere once said, “If you do not walk in your God-given authority, someone will take it from you, and use it against you!”

The first man, Adam, found this out the hard way. Through sin, he forfeited his position of authority, leaving his entire household vulnerable to the attacks of the enemy (Romans 5:12). The result of sin is death and those that partake in it, exposes everyone underneath their authority (Joshua 7). For instance, the life of King David is a perfect illustration to the effects of sin and its deadly consequences (2 Samuel 12:1-15).

David was a shepherd of sheep made king of Israel. The Bible describes David “As a man after God’s own heart.” God established David’s kingdom and under his leadership it was strong and secure. God blessed David with several sons and daughters, but David wanted what God did not give him permission to have. David took a man’s wife and slept with her and she became pregnant with his child. However to complicate matters, her husband was away at war, defending David’s kingdom. David sends for him, hoping to trick him into sleeping with her, appearing to father the child. The plan failed, so David came up with another brilliant idea. He sent the husband back to the battlefront, carrying his own death warrant. The husband was killed and David became guilty of murder (2 Samuel 11).

Sin is a trap the enemy uses to rob you of everything that’s precious and dear to you! When King David realized his plan was on the verge of being exposed, he immediately resorted to deception, lying, and then murder. The most heartbreaking thing I’ve ever witness is men willingness to offend a holy God, because they fear the consequences that man can inflict (Matthew 10:28). Regardless of how David tried to cover his sins, God exposed them. However, God did forgive David but the consequences remained (Romans 6:23).

The consequences that followed David’s sins were great. Through sin, the door was opened for the enemy to enter David’s house and demised everything underneath his authority. His first child with Bathsheba died. His eldest son, Amnon, raped the daughter Tamar. His other son, Absalom, took revenge on Amnon and killed him. He then led a rebellion against King David and seized his throne. Now, David fled the city in fear of his life. Afterward Absalom dishonored his father by sleeping with his concubines in public. Absalom also sent men out to hunt down and kill David. The plot failed, and Absalom was killed by David’s general.

If you bring a snake into your house, expect to suffer a gruesome death from the effects of the venom. Sin is as deadly as venom. And when you allow it to enter into your house, expect death to slowly eat away at everything that’s precious and dear to you. King David’s lost three sons, because he exposed his family to the enemy through his sins. So who is really suffering from our selfish acts? “Is it our homes?” “Is it our wives?” or “Does our children suffer?” But can I tell that ultimately we suffer! In Malachi 4:5-6, God said, “Unless the fathers’ hearts turn to the children and the children’s heart to the fathers, He would strike the earth with a curse.” God is calling every husband and father to repentance and is commanding them to step up and be the man He’s created you to be. Stop cheating yourself! Stop cheating your family! Stop cheating God! Stop cheating…!


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