2015 Courage Class Essays

We recently completed a study on the principles on Courage. We had four separate class times with approximately 8-10 guys in each class. We studied the principle of direction, conflict, criticism, confrontation, morality, correction, pressure, judgement, forgiveness, and ownership. At the end of the class I asked each man to write a report on how this study had affected them. The following is a summary of what they wrote.

Lamond-This study of Courage has allowed me to rethink how I approach people and to always think before I speak and to listen to the other side because to every action there is a reaction with consequences.

Terrance-This study of Courage has broken everything down for me that I didn’t know about others and myself, it has had an effect on my life to change band be a better person. I look over these principles daily!

Leonardo-This study on Courage has helped me in many aspects of my thinking and planning. It has given me a sense of direction when it comes to handling and reacting to the many situations and circumstances that life brings. As a result of my continuing study of this book, I’m able to deal with confrontation, criticism, judgement, pressure, and forgiveness a lot better and I think it shows in my behavior.

Levi-Courage to me is not the absence of fear but the ability and wisdom to respond appropriately even in the presence of fear.

Roland-Courage has affected me in my decision to not finish the Therapeutic Community Program. It has showed me how not to look for the bad in things but instead to concentrate on the good and to complete the task that is before me. Courage to me is to complete something that you don’t want to do and be proud of what you do.

Andrew-Courage to me is taking a strong stand despite difficultly and adversity.

Robert-This study has affected my thinking on the way I look at courage. At first I thought courage was part of confronting what you are afraid of but this study has taught me there is more to it. It has taught me to look at myself and how to handle pressure and take criticism.

Wendell-I believe this study of Courage has taught me to be a lot more tolerant and patient when it comes to dealing with others. As a result of this study, my behavior has changed when it comes to controlling my temper and my need to respond. This has helped me a lot because it was always those negative ways that had led me to unacceptable behaviors and landed me in messed up situations, facing harsh consequences in this life.

Willie-I have learned that courage is best identified in the way you carry yourself and respect others.

Elijah-This study on courage has affected my life, showing how courage is something that I must have in order to survive not only in prison but also in life because we must display courage in order to make right decisions in life.

Thomas-Courage has changed my life. Jesus is the best representation of courage. I am thankful for His courage in enduring the cross on behalf of me and my goal is to walk in that same courage, doing for others what I would like done for me.

Levi-Studying Courage has enlightened me to some characteristics and traits that I needed to strengthen in. It has taught me to identify and respond to core issues and conflict with a greater sense of awareness and responsibility. It has taught me to take ownership of my thinking errors, to confront them, to accept criticism and to raise the standards of my morality. My overall judgement is affected by this study of courage!

I thank God for this group of men and all those who have been lifting us up in prayer through this course of study.

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