2015 Leadership Class Essays

One of my classes recently finished studying ten principles of Leadership. After the class I asked each one to write a short essay on how the study of Leadership has affected their thinking and what behavior has changed as a result of this class. There were 25 graduates and each wrote a great essay about how the class had an affect on their lives so I wanted to share with you some excerpts from their essays.

Adam- The principle of Ambition has helped me to motivate myself to strive for new goals and objectives to reach. I’ve also learned how to pay more attention and listen better when people are talking to me and see where they are coming from so I can relate with them and do a better job at developing people.

Robert- I have learned so much through this leadership class! I have been trying to be more responsible for my actions and put to use all these principles in my daily life.

Wendell- I have started to see things in people a lot differently, now I can use these principles when dealing with people so to keep an open mind. Since I have been using these principles in my life, I don’t have to worry about getting into an altercation every time I talk someone with beliefs that conflict with my own.

Korey- Radio and TV has been what has influenced me most in my life and what has led me to this negative position I find myself in at this point in my life. This study has had a great impact on me becoming more responsible in my thinking. I see that what I thought was right has made my life hard. I want to do better and change my life. I want to change so that I can teach my children better than what I have grown up to know.

Joshua- This course of Leadership has affected me in many ways. It has broadened my scope of Leadership ability as well as informed me of more characters of a leader. I have noticed a change within myself and I believe this change has come due to my progress in learning more and having a will and desire to want to change. I have learned so many valuable lessons from this class, thank you!

Jermey- This Leadership class has really changed my train of thoughts and actions. It has put me back into the reality of life and prepared myself for society. Thanks to this class I can see a little clearer now. It taught me to think outside of the box and that I don’t have to sell drugs when I get back out there. This class has potentially changed my life forever, I will be back for the next class.

Charles- This study of Leadership has really opened my eyes to all the different concepts of Leadership.

Andrew- This class has taught me how to be more mindful of my behavior and as a result of that my level of respect for others has increased.

Mark- This class has affirmed a lot of what I have already believed and at the same time opened my eyes to new avenues of pursuit. Some of the behaviors suggested has made me more aware of my shortcomings and has opened my mind to be more receptive to others and to listen and think  before responding.

As I spent time reading through all their essays, I could not help but think of a quote from  Margaret Mead, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned men can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”  I pray that these men would take to heart all that they have learned and step out of their comfort zones and begin leading well.

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