Prayer Requests for ReNew Hope 2016

On Sunday January 24 in Montgomery Alabama there will be gathered 400 plus volunteers from across the United States for one purpose, to spread the Gospel message to thousands of men and women in Alabama’s prison system. This event “ReNew Hope” is held each January and attracts hundreds of Christian volunteers, evangelists, and musicians from all different walks of life.

Pray for unity among these volunteers and that the hearts of these men and women would be in tune to the Holy Spirit and that gospel threads would be woven through out all of their conversations.

Pray for the safety 0f all the volunteers as they enter the cell blocks to interact with those who are incarcerated.  Pray for peace among the teams and wisdom as they share the Gospel and sow seeds into the hearts of men.

Pray that God would prepare the hearts of the men and women who are incarcerated. Pray that those incarcerated would be open to the Gospel that is shared through the volunteer teams, musicians and evangelists.

Pray for the evening services, for uneventful entry into the facilities for the musicians and evangelists. Pray for God’s word to be spoken and His Truth to change hearts.

Pray for myself and the other Chaplains across the State as they continue to follow up with all the new believers and followers of Christ. Pray for openness among those they reach out to on a daily basis.

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