2015 Character Class Essays

One of my classes recently finished studying ten principles of Character. After the class I asked each one to write a short essay on how the study of Character has affected their thinking and what behavior has changed as a result of this class. There were 46 graduates and each wrote a great essay about how the class had an effect on their lives so I wanted to share with you some excerpts from their essays.

Timothy – The Study of Character has really been uplifting to me. My behavior has been transformed! In the past my personal integrity wasn’t all that good, but this study has taught me honesty which has improved the relationships I have with others. This study has really been a blessing to me!

Kyson – I have become more aware that my personal integrity affects my life in every aspect because what I do or don’t do will be either good or bad but either way it will reflect on what kind of person I am.

Clyde – I changed my thinking a lot. Before I would keep doing the things I had always done like drugs and I always got the same results. I have always wanted to change but when I would get off my high I would get depressed and suicidal. This study has helped me with my depression and I actually feel better about myself.

Jerry – My values have changed considerably, I look at people in a different way and try to find some good in everybody. I try to the best of my ability to do what I say and say what I mean. I try to be more generous with my time when someone needs a little extra help and I want people to see me as honest and dependable.

Korey – I have become more aware of my selfish ways. I was made aware that I need to put myself in others shoes and see and think like they do, which allows me to make a better decisions that benefit others not just myself.

Mark – I have learned that personal integrity shows growth and dependability. When people notice that you have integrity they will chose to have you around.

Bo – My values have changed in a tremendous way the little things I didn’t care about now I do. I look at life in a whole new way, I don’t think life is a game; I take life more serious then I used too. I have stopped playing around in prison and started doing what I need to do to get out.

Leonardo – This study has given me tokens on how to deal with patience, humility, restraint, temper more maturely and respectfully. These have all been issues that my character has struggled with but now I feel that I’ve been equipped with the guidance that I need to deal with these character flaws.

Santo – I realize now that my personal integrity has an effect on my family, relationships, and employment. Because the way I feel and treat others may have a major effect on the future.

Kevin – The study of character has raised my awareness level to the many principles that people expect from us and that I should be practicing daily. I will take these principles and use them now that I know how and allow them to develop me into a better person.

Leo – My personal integrity has hurt my family, relationships and employment when it brought me to prison. The integrity of my decision making has hurt everyone that loves me. I am now working to improve my integrity, judgement, core values, and morals so that I can make better choices for myself and my family.

I was encouraged by all their essays and pray that these men would seek after Christ daily as He continues to change their thoughts and patterns of life.

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