2/10/16 Prayer Request

This week we began a new class in the Chapel at St. Clair. We have ten men enrolled in this class who have committed to a 12 week study of Biblical Manhood. This class “The Knights of The 21st Century” addresses the immature actions of males that have robbed our culture of true manhood. The Knights of the 21st Century curriculum changes this depressing picture by providing males with the tools to achieve manhood even if they already have ended up in prison. Therefore, with the future as the focus, this class calls these males into true manhood by presenting them with a high view of what is expected of a man, helping them find a reason to believe in their calling of self-value and nobility of action. Identifying and listening to their inner voice pointing the way to the changes required to become a man and challenging them to accept responsibility and develop a new pattern of choices. This class also assists men in changing the viewpoint of their previous life experience from victim to decision maker.

As we kick off this class, I would like to encourage you to pray for these men. Pray that this wouldn’t be just another class that they do, but a class that will impact their lives for eternity. Pray that as they study what biblical man hood really is, they would see their inability to change and fully surrender to Christ for lasting change.

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