ReNew Hope 2016 Testimonies


Each year on the last week of January, We Care Program does an event inside of prison which is called ReNew Hope. This event brings volunteers, music groups and evangelists from all over the United States to participate in spreading Hope (the good news of Jesus) throughout the Alabama prison system. This year we had 11 volunteers that went daily into the prison that I serve at for one on one evangelism. They visited the men inside the Faith Based Honor Dorm as well as participated in several chapel events including the showing of the movie, “War Room.” Each night the group of volunteers were joined up by an evangelist and music group for the service. While not all went as planned and we had several hiccups along the way, I still received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from the inmates and how they were affected by the week. I wanted to share with you two letters that I received from men that were affected by the ministry that week. These two letters came from men that live inside of the Faith Based Honor Dorm.

“The ReNew Hope Revival could not have come at a better time. Our camp had been going through a lot. We needed our batteries to be recharged and what a blessing it was to have our guests here to accomplish this. From the testimonies, music, and sermons the Holy Spirit was there. The feeling of what was wanted and could be had, kept the feeling of hope running. Everyone’s expectations were centered around Christ and the fellowship was fantastic. Each music group was unique and empowering!  On the last night of the revival we were blessed by having Lynda Randle and her husband Michael.  She really lifted everyone up with her music and we feel so blessed to have had them here. We are looking forward to the next ReNew Hope!”

“My first We Care Crusade was in 1992 but cut short because I went home after the first day. I was locked back up on Christmas day 1992 and back in the prison system. I have enjoyed the crusades every year since. A few years ago it became ReNew Hope which is fitting and each year this event continues to bring us hope while locked up inside of prison. The music is the very best and this year we were blessed once again. The last few years the volunteers weren’t able to visit the dorms but this year was special in the fact that the volunteers were able to visit us in the Faith Based Honor Dorm. These visits from the volunteers were encouraging! It would be nice if this could be twice a year. Thanks to all who give of your time each year to make it all happen. Please accept this following scripture as my gratitude for all you do for those of us in prison. Jeremiah 3:15 “Then [in the final time] I will give you [spiritual] shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and true understanding.”

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