3/2/2016 Prayer Request

Please join me in prayer for our Faith/Character Based Honor Dorm family nights next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday night at the prison I serve at. This is the first time that these men have had a family night since November, 2009. This night is a reward to these men who have stayed out of trouble and chosen to live a more structured lifestyle. In order to live in the Faith/Character Based Honor Dorm you have to remain Disciplinary free, live to a stricter set of rules, work an in-dorm job and attend their required weekly classes.

On a Family night, each man that has lived in the Faith/Character Based Honor Dorm for at least 6 months will have the opportunity to have two of his family members join him for a 4 hour visit and eat all the Pizza, snacks and cookies that they can. We are planning for approximately 450 people split up between three nights. Many have been looking forward for this opportunity so please pray that everything would run smoothly and that God would be glorified.

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