Episode 003: Jack Murphy, A Former Jewel Thief And Murders Story of Redemption

jack-murphyIn this third episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Jack Roland Murphy or “Murf the Surf.” Jack is a surfing champion, musician, author, artist, and convicted murder, who was involved in the biggest jewel heist in American history at the American Museum of Natural History. During the course of this interview he shares his testimony of how fame and success in his life led him to wanting more and eventually led to crime. He shares how he called out to God in one of the most desperate times of his life and that through the transforming power of Jesus his life was changed and how upon his release from prison in 1986 he became actively involved in prison ministry. Jack Murphy’s story will encourage and inspire you to engage in reaching out to the least of these locked up inside of prison.



Bill Glass Ministries;  behindthewalls.com

Jack Murphy’s Ministry;  sonshineadventures.org

World Wide Prison Ministry Info;  prisonministry.net

Inmate Encounter;  inmateencounter.com

Jack Murphy has also been featured in a couple films

Murphy has been featured in the following films:

Murphy has also authored a book:

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