2016 Vision Class Essays

One of our classes recently finished studying ten principles of Vision. After the class I asked each one to write a short essay on how the study of Vision has affected attitude toward their current circumstances and their future. There were 70 graduates and each wrote a great essay about how the class had an effect on their lives so I wanted to share with you some excerpts from their essays.

Jamie – Through this study on Vision I have obtained some very good tools that will not only help me in prison but when I get out and on the streets.

Charles – This course helps me to look at situations in a good frame of mind. Not always focusing on the bad points. It has also given me different insights about life and how to make the right choices.

Jeffery – I’ve become much better at recognizing when my emotions are making me react in a manner that causes discomfort or harm to others. I try now to respond instead of reacting when my emotions become involved in a situation.

Clyde – I see now that I have left many of the principles that I had been taught and that if I had implemented them, I would have been better off.

Mallory – Just studying the principles and being able to identify how they can help me in my life was a turning point. As a result of applying these principles to my life, I can see nothing but positive outcomes in the future.

Anthony – Before taking this course on Vision, I had already put a plan together for my life. However I was able to take these principles and apply them to my everyday life and it has affected my attitude and approach toward unexpected events and unseen problems.

Christopher – This class has caused me to reevaluate where I am going and how to get there.

Eric – The study of Vision has affected me in a major way, even though I’m in this situation I still have to be humble and think before I react. If I apply these principles towards my future it will help my decision making.

Corey – It has taught me a lot about myself personally.

Walter – This course has provided me with the essential tools it takes to survive in life when it comes to dealing with other people. I am amazed at the principles and how much sense they actually make.

Adam – Vision has changed my life, it has caused me to plan for my release.  I will begin now to put in place things in my life so that when I’m released I can be the father my children never new.

Brian – This class has taught me to take the responsibility of all the bad I have done. I wasn’t in my daughter’s life when she was born because I was on crack cocaine. Now I’m not on crack cocaine and I really want to get out and spend time with my daughter.

Jermaine – This study has opened my mind to a civilized way of looking at my future. I can now see myself as a successful citizen and most of all as a man.

Derrick – It has impacted how I deal with circumstances. I’ve learned to check my attitude before I respond to others in a negative way.

Chris – This study has helped me to order my thoughts and thinking abilities. It has given me the ability to process my thoughts in a methodical manner so that I may obtain maximum success. It has helped me to think and plan with logical and practical sense so that I cannot only set reasonable goals but that I may also achieve them .

Jason – I don’t feel hopeless and I don’t feel sorry for myself anymore. Instead I feel like I can make certain choices that will determine the outcome of my future in a positive way.

Kori – This course is by far one of the most influential programs I’ve taken in my incarceration.

Mark – I have learned that the attitude and choices I make will dictate the life I live whether in prison or on the outside.

Thomas – Vision has affected my thinking and behavior in that I have become more aware that I don’t know where I’m going, I may end up somewhere else. I have to see myself succeeding. If I can’t picture it, I probably won’t achieve it.

Reginald – This has affected my attitude toward my current situations and my future by showing me my short comings, my bad attitude, that I was lazy and selfish about just about everything. It showed me that in all things I could not lead, that only Christ could lead and that I have to turn my life, my soul, my thoughts, everything over to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. For without Jesus there will never be a foundation for a strong lifetime of change and success.


I was encouraged by all their essays and pray that these men would seek after Christ daily as He continues to change their thoughts and patterns of life.

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