Episode 007: Kelly Ziannis, A Daughters Story Of Forgiveness And Reconciliation With Her Father

In this seventh episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Kelly Ziannis. Kelly is the daughter of a formerly incarcerated man and on the podcast she shares her story of forgiveness and reconciliation. She shares about the three labels she had to fight daily while her father was in prison. They were being labeled as bad stock, being labeled as a victim and being labeled as a statistic. She also shares that how at age 18 she was faced with the decision to testify in court against her earthly father or doing what her Godly father would tell her is right. A testimony that ended up putting her father in prison for murder.  Thankfully the story doesn’t end there but continues with her father surrendering his life to Christ and by the grace of God changing his life in prison. As this story unfolds you can sense her love for her father and those who are incarcerated and her sincere desire to reach out to the families of these men and women. This small description doesn’t do this story justice so I encourage you to listen and share this podcast with others. This podcast is loaded with great information and will deeply move anyone who listens to it.


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