A Challenge to All From a Prison Hospice Worker


This following testimony and challenge was written by a man that is incarcerated at the prison that I serve at. He works as a hospice worker in the prisons Infirmary and has been a blessing to many as he takes care of them while they are in their last days!

I’ve recently underwent an experience that has changed my thinking, and my life, as a whole.  There was an old man whom I lived in the cellblock with for almost fifteen years who was diagnosed with lung cancer back in November. 

Because of his age and general health, he was not able to have surgery or take chemotherapy, so they placed him in the Infirmary so they could administer morphine to him for his pain as he needed it.

During this time, he began to send for me to come and sit with him each day and began to tell me all of his mistakes, wrongs, and regrets.  His biggest regret was that he was not the man, the husband, or the father that he should have been. 

He asked me to start communicating with his family on his behalf and be his liaison.  He wasn’t sure his family really knew how much he loved them and so he wanted me to make sure they all knew this before he died; which I did.

Ironically, through my interaction with his family, they desperately wanted me to communicate to him their forgiveness and just how much they truly loved him; which I also did.

They had chances to visit together and be reconciled, and shortly thereafter he passed away – at peace.

Since that time I’ve realized that his dying wish has become my daily wish:  that those that I love know it!

I am healthy as a horse, but I know that someday there is a death bed waiting on me and for those I love.  You see, with my friend, we were racing against time to convey the most important message that we have to give… love.

I have made a decision to let the ones I love know it as often as I have the opportunity.  There is no guarantee of another day, or even another breath, and I do not want my last days or last breaths filled with regret or doubt.  I want to be at peace and I want to leave others at peace.

The greatest gift God gave to us is His love, and He communicated His love to us by giving His only Son for the forgiveness of our sins and to guarantee that there will be no more separation between Him and us.  It is time for us to follow His example and show others by our words and actions just how much they mean to us.

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