Episode: 008 Frank Gossett, A Chaplains Testimony Of Gods Deliverance From Drugs And Prison

In this eighth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Frank Gossett. Frank is colleague of mine and serves currently as an Assistant Chaplain in an Alabama Prison. Frank shares his testimony of how a life of drugs and alcohol led him to prison. Growing up in a non-Christian family in Birmingham Alabama, Frank lived the life of a drug dealer, growing marijuana to trade for his cocaine habit. As He continues to share his story it is filled with much heart break and devastation which eventually led him to steal from others to help support his increased drug habit. Frank shares that he came to a point where he felt like life had no meaning and one night he being determined to get high or die robbed a local drug dealer. That night as he was leaving the drug dealers house, God spared his life from being shot! Frank shares about the night that he surrendered his life to Christ inside of prison and how today that he is married, works in ministry, and has received a full pardon from the State of Alabama. All throughout Frank’s testimony you can see God’s sovereign hand in his life! Your faith will be quickened and you will be blessed by this testimony!


One Way Out:  A Prison Chaplain’s View    by Brian Eskelinen

From Bull City to the Holy City: A true life restoration story of grace, mercy and love   by Eddie Gossett

We Care Program   wecareprogram.org

If you have been touched by the music that was shared during this podcast you can buy the album at http://anothercaptivefree.com/

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