Episode 009: Carmen McCain, The Murder Of Her Son Prompted This Mothers Prison Ministry

In this ninth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Ms. Carmen McCain. Ms. McCain shares of how she grew up with her mother in ministry and never given prison ministry a thought until after her son Bonkey McCain was killed by a drive by shooting. She shares how that God put it on her heart one day to pray for those who had committed the murder.  God gave her the ability to love these men and she went determined with a Bible in hand, not to stop until she led each one to Christ. God opened the doors for this mother to reach out and today she calls these men her sons.  Today her ministry goes in behind the prison bars throughout the United States sharing the love of God. She also encourages families affected by crime to not view themselves as victims which produces bitterness.  Those who have been affected by crime will be encouraged by this lady’s testimony! In fact all who listen to this will be effected by the love and grace that this woman continues to show to the incarcerated. Ms. McCain’s advice for anyone who might be considering prison ministry is to “DO IT” and allow God to use them!



Hedges and Highways Prison Ministry

Mothers Against Violence

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