Episode 010: Phillip Johnson, Incarceration Through The Lens Of A Retired Police Officer

In this tenth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Phillip Johnson, a retired police officer as well as the brother of an incarcerated man.  During this podcast Phillip shares his view of incarceration as a former law enforcement officer and how he believes each inmate should be treated with dignity and respect. He shares that historically it has not nor will it ever work to warehouse individuals but that these men and women need to be treated humanely. He also shares about the pushback he has experienced and still experiences when people find out that his brother is in prison. He encourages the church and the society not to just put the incarcerated away and forget them but to reach out and minister to them. Mid-way through the podcast Phillip speaks to the families of those incarcerated and encourages them to love their loved ones in prison unconditionally regardless of what they have done. This podcast definitely will bless all that listen to it regardless if you are involved in prison ministry or not!


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