Episode 012: Jason Swindle, A Criminal Defense Attorney’s View On The Power Of Prison Ministry

In this twelfth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Jason Swindle a Criminal Defense Attorney from Georgia. Mr. Swindle shares with us his passion for his job as a criminal defense attorney and how that through his interaction with offenders he has seen the importance of prison ministry. Though not personally involved in prison ministry he has seen the effect of ministry behind the walls and shares with us a testimony of an individual that he was able to help. Mr. Swindle’s relationship with Christ gives him great insight and wisdom on our conversation of prison ministry and I believe you will be blessed by this interview.

As a Criminal Defense Attorney, Mr. Swindle has authored “The Verdict Is In: Fix the Criminal Justice System.” This book suggests that both the ideal of justice and that of rehabilitation have been lost, but there is hope. Right now, the Criminal Justice system costs too much, it punishes those with drug problems and mental illness who commit crimes, but doesn’t offer them the help that they need. “The Verdict Is In: Fix the Criminal Justice System” offers innovative new ideas and a fresh vision for fixing the broken criminal justice system in an effort to get this important national conversation started. “The Verdict Is In” pulls back the curtain of the legal system itself for the uninitiated to see “how it really works in real life.” You can buy this book by clicking here.  

You will be blessed and challenged by this interview so I encourage you to listen to it and share this podcast with your friends.


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The Power of Prison Ministry

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