Episode 015: Danny Duchene, The Testimony Of Saddleback Church’s Celebrate Recovery Inside Pastor

danny-ducheneIn this fifteenth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Danny Duchene, from Lake Forest, California. Danny is the “Celebrate Recovery Inside Pastor” at Saddleback Church and he shares with us his testimony of a life of imprisonment. Locked in a California prison cell, Danny never could have imagined that on April 2, 2016, he’d be standing in front of a congregation of thousands, sharing his testimony from the pulpit at Saddleback. That day, lead pastor Rick Warren and a team of his colleagues commissioned Danny as the newest pastor of Celebrate Recovery Inside: a national prison ministry that connects inmates with biblical counseling curriculums and works to connect local churches with prison ministries and help them fight recidivism.  It was while he was incarcerated that Danny first read “The Purpose­ Driven Life” and reached out to Rick Warren in 2003 and explained that a small group of about 20 inmates wanted to be a part of Saddleback’s “40 Days of Purpose.” Danny goes on to explain how that group grew to over 200 men meeting each week in cell groups throughout the prison. Danny also shares with us how that today since he is released from prison and serving as a pastor at Saddleback Church that his focus is on the “In Custody Churches.” An “In Custody Church” is the church that is inside of prison. Regardless if you are in prison ministry or not you will be encouraged and refreshed by this man’s testimony and his longing to see God glorified inside of prison.


The Purpose Driven Life (Book)

The Purpose Driven Life Group Studies

Celebrate Recovery

The Miracle of Mercy

Danny Duchene’s Email:  danny@saddleback.com

If you have been touched by the music that is shared during this podcast you can buy an album that was written and recorded inside of prison at “Another Captive Free.”

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