2016 Courage Class Essays


One of our classes recently finished studying ten principles of Courage. After the class I asked each one to write a short essay on how the study of Courage has affected the attitude toward their current circumstances and their future. There were 85 graduates and each wrote a great essay about how the class had an effect on their lives so I wanted to share with you some excerpts from some of their essays.

Anthony- This course has given me the courage to look within myself. It has given me the courage to be who I was intended to be.

Charles- To me courage was always about fighting. During the course of this study I have learned that courage is about facing ones fears, doing what is right even when it seems that doing what is right isn’t profitable.

Kevin- I never thought of courage the different ways it was described in this study. Courage not only is used to face dangerous times in life but we use courage to face our own problems.

De’won- My thinking and behavior has changed dramatically on courage. I used to be a yes man going on and doing what others wanted me to do but I’ve now got some courage to stand up for myself and do what’s right.

One of the questions that I asked the men was, “What moral code of behavior guides your actions?”

Jeffery- It is very simple, do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Mark- The moral code that guides my actions are Gods commandments and the principles of right and wrong, good and bad, and thinking on what is positive and morally right.

Joseph- The moral code that I stand on is to not lie, steal, and cheat others and to treat others as I would like to be treated.

Cedric- The moral code that guides my life is my belief in God and everything that God has laid out for us to live by and how we should act in the different situations that we face in life.

One of the principles in this study of Courage was “Forgiveness.” I asked the question, “Explain the importance of forgiveness in your life?”

Adam- The importance of forgiveness in my life is for me to forgive the guy who stabbed me 9 times. If I can’t forgive him how can I expect my victim’s family to forgive me?

Thomas- Forgiveness brings about freedom to live, do and be. I refuse to allow what someone did to me keep me bound up in bitterness.

Walter- I have learned to let go of the past, my hurt, pain, disappointments, and of course my bitterness. It had become unnecessary baggage that was traveling with me, physically and emotionally. In order to be free, I had to let go and let God!

Edwin- It is important that I ask my family to forgive me for being out of their lives and coming to prison.

Derrick- Forgiveness is really important, because it is what God has done for us!

I was encouraged by all their essays and pray that these men would seek after Christ daily as He continues to change their thoughts and patterns of life.

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