Pray For Our Upcoming Family Nights

turkey-plateNovember will be a busy month inside the prison that I serve at, as we are hosting family nights for our Faith/Character Based Honor Dorm. The next three weeks these men have the opportunity to have a Thanksgiving meal with their families. This proves to be a special time for these men and their families! I went around to the men the other week and asked several of them how long it has been since they had Thanksgiving with their families. The responses that I received were heart breaking. One guy mentioned that his mother was coming all the way from Colorado to have Thanksgiving with him and the last time he had Thanksgiving with her was when he was 17 years old, 26 years ago. Another mentioned that he and his wife only had Thanksgiving together once in their 15 years of marriage. Then there was the dad that told me the story of how he was incarcerated before the birth of his 5 year old son and that this would be the first time ever to sit down together for Thanksgiving. There are many more testimonies much like these and I am excited to see God work in the hearts of these men and their families in the coming weeks. Families are under attack in our world and I am humbled to be part of an effort to help restore the family institution!

Pray that the wounds and brokenness in these families will be healed and that God would restore them back to each other. Pray that this time wouldn’t only be a time of food and fellowship but a time of grace and forgiveness. Pray for those who may not have families coming to be with them. The sadness and loneliness they feel is increased during the holidays. This year we want them to feel as if they also have family. We have invited Christian volunteers to come and eat and fellowship with them so that they may not feel alone. Pray that relationships would be formed during their time together and that God would turn their sadness into happiness this Thanksgiving!

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