Praising God For A Great Kairos Weekend


Last weekend I was humbled to be participate with the Kairos ministry team at the prison that I serve at. We had selected twenty four men to go through this weekend which promised to be a life changing time for many of these men. It was just that, many men were sincerely touched by the love shown by the Kairos team and all were challenged to live a life for Christ.

This week join me in praise to God for a successful Kairos weekend and also join with me in prayer for the twenty four men that attended and were challenged. Pray that these men wouldn’t ever forget the Gospel message that they heard and would surrender their lives to Christ! Pray that the church at the prison would surround them and continue loving and discipling them in the weeks and months to come. Pray that strong Christian leaders would be born out of this weekend. Men that wouldn’t chose to be quiet about their new found faith but instead seek to lead others to Christ also.

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