Episode 018: Fernando Gerrel Jones, From Incarceration To Counseler And Ministry Leader

fernando-gerrel-jonesIn this eighteenth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview Fernando Gerrel Jones, from Birmingham, Alabama. Fernando shares with us about his former incarceration and how today his passion is helping others who have been incarcerated. Working at one the State’s largest re-entry ministries, Fernando counsels formerly incarcerated men daily and works tirelessly to support them in their success.  Only four years since his release, Fernando does not stay away from prison but makes every effort to also minister to those still behind bars. Although he is busy he has still found the time to author two books, “The Hole” and “Foolish Things”. “The Hole” is a fictional book about an horrible crime against the soul of a young man that leads to a life of deception while he waits for an opportunityfoolish-things to take his vengeance out on his victimizer. Reading this book forces you to realize that often times we ourselves are to blame for the limitations we put on ourselves while conveniently holding others accountable for our actions. The inability to forgive makes it easy for us to limit ourselves while subconsciously rationalizing that it is someone else’s fault. The Hole is a blueprint for how God’s grace and one’s ability to forgive can unlock the full human potential in all of us. His second book “Foolish Things” asks the question “What would God do with our penal systems?” It is a mix of biographical truth and hopeful imagination that come together to inspire us to examine the-holethe way we look at the incarcerated. Links to buy these books are below! You will be encouraged by this man’s zeal and excitement in prison ministry.



Phuema Gallery

Offender Alumni Association

The Foundry Ministries

The Hole (Book)

Foolish Things (Book)


If you have been touched by the music that is shared during this podcast you can buy an album that was written and recorded inside of prison at “Another Captive Free.”

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