Episode 019: CF Hazelwood, The Importance Of Prison Ministry Expressed By A Former TDJC Director

web-bio-hazlewoodIn this nineteenth episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview CF Hazelwood, from Huntsville, Texas. CF Hazelwood is a pastor, prison ministry leader and the current Program Supervisor of the Core Values Program inside the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, Correctional Training and Staff Development Department. Before he took this role he served as a Correctional Sergeant and as the Texas Department Criminal Justice Director of Manufacturing and Logistics. CF shares with us his testimony of coming to Christ through the influence of Christian inmates. He has 30 + years of experience in corrections and shares with us his wealth of knowledge and his passion to see the incarcerated turn their lives to Christ. Also in 2008 CF Hazelwood received the Governor of Texas Volunteer Service Award in 2008 for prison ministry. I loved talking to CF and I believe you will be blessed by what he shares!


Texas Department of Criminal Justice

Behind the Walls

The Fellowship of Huntsville Church

If you have been touched by the music that is shared during this podcast you can buy an album that was written and recorded inside of prison at “Another Captive Free.”

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