Prayer For The Families Affected By Incarceration

Christmas time is always a special time as families gather together to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I love this time of the year and remember as far back as a child living in Ohio, Christmas was always a time of family, gifts, Christmas music and good food. Never did I experience a Christmas when one of my family members such as my father, mother, brother, sister or child couldn’t be there due to incarceration. This year thousands of families are experiencing the very thing that I was blessed not to. On Christmas morning children will wake up to a fatherless or motherless home and some even wake up parent-less because of incarceration. Incarceration effects the family that is left behind more than it effects the ones that are incarcerated.

Join me in prayer this week for all the families of the incarcerated. Pray for all the children that will wake up on Christmas morning with parents that are incarcerated. Pray that their lives would be filled with security, peace, and joy. Pray that someone will share with these children the true reason why we celebrate this holiday season.

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