Blessed By 2016, Excited For 2017

As 2016 is coming to a close I cannot help but stop and reminisce the many blessings that God has bestowed on us this last year.  This year did come with its challenges but never was there a time that God’s love and grace didn’t shine through.

Amidst the challenges that we faced in prison we were still able to end the year knowing that God was at work in the hearts and lives of the men that I have privilege to serve. One of these men is Jared. Jared showed up one morning to my “Knights of The 21st Century” class just to get away from the stressful environment in his prison dorm. During the class I noticed that he looked like he was troubled by something so I asked him to stay behind after the class was dismissed. This being the first time I had met Jared I didn’t expect him to open up to me but rather wanted to introduce myself and offer my time if he ever wanted to talk. We spoke briefly about his new prison sentence that had placed him inside the prison that I serve at as well as how he was adjusting to living inside of a maximum security prison.  Little did I know that day that God would use me in Jared’s life the way that He did. Today four months later Jared is a surrendered follower of Christ and has been clean from using drugs for 36 days. This is only one story amidst many more that I could share with you!

As you see ministry can be extremely rewarding, men’s lives are being changed, the chains of bondage and addiction are being broken, but ministry can also be heartbreaking at times. It can be difficult, sometimes. There are so many men that I encounter daily who are so close, so heartrendingly close, to making a decision for Christ. They are on the cusp of a life-changing decision but have not taken that final step in 2016. But as a follower of Christ I have been challenged to rest in and trust that the God that I serve is working in their lives and someday very soon they too will be my brothers in Christ. So as I press forward in 2017 I will continue to seek to glorify my God by discipling, equipping, and mobilizing the church inside of prison to join me in reaching out to these men and encouraging them to repent and surrender their lives to Christ.  Join me in 2017 and engage in prison ministry, whether it’s at your local prison and jail or partnering with me through prayer and financial support and let’s make an impact in the lives of the men and women that are incarcerated!

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