Episode 021: David Lee Windecher, Lessons From The Journey Of A Defendant To Defense Attorney

davidIn this twenty-first episode of the Detention to Redemption podcast, I interview David Lee Windecher, from Atlanta, Georgia. David currently practices Criminal Defense in Georgia and Florida and is the Managing Partner for The Windecher Firm. David is also the Founder of RED, Inc. RED is a Georgia domestic public charity nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation. RED engineers rehabilitation programs for pre and post adjudication first­-time, nonviolent, youthful offenders. RED’s rehabilitative programs enhance the employment potential of individuals with a criminal record while emphasizing the safekeeping of our communities.

David has also written an autobiography “The AmerIcan Dream, HisSto41OyV8Mg3VL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ry In The Making” to portray the difficulty of obtaining the American dream as an impoverished minority. David shares with us his journey from defendant to defense attorney.
Raised impoverished in the streets of Miami, David was only eleven years old when he was first arrested for shoplifting which led to a lifestyle that eventually led him to prison. He tells of the difficulties that he faced when he tried to rebuild his life and his passion for those in the criminal justice system that are facing similar challenges.

You the listener will be challenged by David’s love and passion for the people he serves as well as his faith in God! Make sure you check out his book as well as share this podcast with those whom may be encouraged and challenged by it.


The Windecher Firm

Stop Recidivism/RED Inc.

The AmerIcan Dream, HisStory In The Making (Book)

If you have been touched by the music that is shared during this podcast you can buy an album that was written and recorded inside of prison at “Another Captive Free.”

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