Featured Book “One Way Out”

“One Way Oone-way-out_09677bb7f5ca14ed80a2fda78ccbfc6eut” is a small book that was written by a prison Chaplain and offers hope and a way out of the darkness of prison. That way out is clearly presented as Jesus. The author begins in the introduction with a true incident that happened in October of 1987 where Americans across our land watched in horror as men and women tried to rescue an eighteen month-old toddler who had fallen twenty-two feet into a dry well. The author explained that the rescue attempt was treacherous with many questions about the likely hood of a safe rescue but at the end of the day there was only one way out regardless of the risks. The challenge that is given in the introduction is that while you may never have been wedged in a twenty-two-foot hole you know all too well what it feels like to be trapped and the only way out is Jesus. No matter how far down we may have fallen or how deeply entrenched we may be there is always hope.

The book only has three chapters and the first one begins with the authors own story of addiction and hardship.  It was while he was struggling through those dark times in 1997 that he was made aware of just how real God was and repented while attending revival meetings in Pensacola, Florida. The author closes the chapter challenging the reader with, “If He can do it for me, He can do it for you!

The rest of the book provides the reader with an opportunity to leave the despair of prison darkness and to find hope in his only way out, Jesus! In the conclusion the author writes, “It is one of my deepest desires that you are ready and count yourself as one who has found the one and only way out. You don’t have as much time as you might think. Time is wasting…tick, tock, tick, tock. This is a great read that is written with a focus on inmates and I believe would be a valuable resource to give to those in prison.  Make sure you get your free download by clicking on the books cover in this post!

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