Teach Them to Dream

This following poem was written by a father that helps facilitate our Fatherhood program in the prison that I serve at. He wrote this poem begging fathers to become the daddy’s to their children that God has created them to be.

My only intention is to expose the flaws in our system,

And the life we have chose. We are our own foes…

Kids left to the streets with no daddy’s, and no goals.

No ambitions…mama got to beg us just to clean up the dirty dishes.

She is disrespected in her own house. Why…because daddy is still missing.

With daddy gone some looked to the streets for what’s missing at home.

It’s tough trying to raise up kids on your own

Mama is doing her best, but she can’t do it alone.

And it’s tough coming up when daddy ain’t there

And it’s hard for a kid to comprehend that life ain’t fair.

And when you’re living like this…it’s even harder to care.

Are we the ones that caused this division?

How do you think I feel about daddy being in prison?

I came up without a father so I know what it’s like.

I spent my first 15 in the street, and my last 15 doing life.

Now my daughter is coming up without me in her life.

It doesn’t take a scholar to figure out that none of this is right.

So how long are we going to let our baby’s cry into the night?

Open up your eyes men…and step into the light.

Let’s put an end to this cycle and start a fatherhood revival.

Supporting every football game and every piano recital.

Be a father for your kids and repent for your wrong.

Tell them that daddy apologizes and he wants to come home.

You can go where you want to, and you determine how far.

Teach ‘em how to dream and show ‘em the stars

And tell ’em daddy loves them…simply for who they are.

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