The goal of this website is to help enlighten, encourage and equip the churcdsc_0041-2h to take the hope for life, Jesus, behind prison bars. The blog posts and podcasts on this site are mostly done from a ministry perspective for the purpose of enlightening the church on the need for an intentional disciple-making prison ministry and to encourage the church to engage in making those disciples among the incarcerated! The recommended curriculum and resources on this site are to help equip the church for prison ministry and are preferred by the sites owner, Jeremy Miller, an active Chaplain.


In April image32011 Jeremy and his family began on a journey following God’s leading in the area of full time prison ministry. This journey brought them to where he currently serves as a Volunteer Chaplain with We Care Program. He spends his days discipling inmates, teaching and facilitating faith and character based classes and equipping and supporting the church inside of a Maximum Security Correctional Facility.


Jeremy’s vision, mission and goal in ministry is to “Glorify God by discipling, equipping and mobilizing the church (inside of prison and out)to make disciplimage1es among the incarcerated.” He has always had a desire to minister to those who are in prison and to see the incarcerated truly find freedom through a personal relationship with Jesus.  And his prayer is that this website would help equip others in the church on the outside of prison to be intentional in their prison ministry efforts. If you have any questions about prison ministry you can submit them at our “Questions and Answers” tab.


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  1. Hello Jeremy! I look forward to really diving into your blog. Also, thank you for following my blog at http://faith1stministries.com I hope it has and will continue to be a major blessing in your life. May God richly bless you as you continue to write and blog. Please continue with us on this journey and remember to have Faith 1st because the “just shall live by his faith.” — Sebastian

  2. Hi, Chaplain Jeremy. I just hopped over to say Thank You for following “Hangin’ Out With God.” You have a lot of interesting posts on here, and I will definitely be back over to read in depth. Bless you.

  3. Thanks, Chaplain Miller, for the work you do in the prisons. What an incredible ministry the Lord has given you.

    I had a foster brother who was in High Desert for a few years. As a young man, he looked like James Dean. I hadn’t seen him since I was about ten years old.

    My mom and I went to visit him. I was unprepared for how thirty five years of hard living changed him. A few years ago he was moved to another prison, and we’ve lost touch. Considering his health, I doubt that he’s still alive. We shared Jesus with him; it’s my prayer that the Lord used the seeds we watered.

    I work with the people in recovery at our local mission. For them, we’re the last stop before incarceration. It is wonderful to watch the Lord take their broken lives and transform them into something beautiful. Although they don’t all make the break, many do. God is good!

    Thanks for following Lessons by Heart, which brought me here. I’ll enjoy following your adventures.

    May the Lord bless the seed you’re sowing, and grant a great harvest for your labor of love.

    In Christ,
    Praising Jesus for His transforming power!

  4. Hello Jeremy, I came by to thank you for the follow and am pleased to read of your ministry. It is such a vital work you are doing for the Lord. Do you know of Canaan Land Ministries? Mac and Sandra Gober have a live-in program to rehabilitate men who have been imprisoned and some that the judge gave them a choice of prison or their program. The transformation in these men is outstanding. May the Lord give you all the strength, wisdom and every good gift you need for your work in His Kingdom. Thank you for what you are doing! Lori O’Neil

  5. Hello – I found your blog via Lessons By Heart. As I read I thought you may want to check out http://www.theotherapyproject.com/ which is a prison ministry focusing on inner healing to get to the root of why each of us make the choices we make. They have experienced recidivism rates dropping from 80% to about 20%. The Executive Director, Mark West and his wife Dana, are both wonderful individuals whose heart has been to serve “the least of these” for as long as I have known them. Whether or not you choose to check it out, I pray our Heavenly Father would continue to work through you to RESTORE what has been plundered in each inmate’s life (Isaiah 42:22) because of who Jesus is and what Jesus has done.

  6. Jeremy, what a special man you are to take on this type of ministry. It is definitely not something that just anyone could do. May the LORD bless you and your ministry that through it, many lives will be changed and these men would find perfect peace in Jesus. 🙂

  7. Kudos to you ChaplainMiller for your prison ministry. Prior to my bout with prostate cancer I was a part of the Dooly Prison Kairos Team for some years, and I always felt like that was what our Lord wanted me to be doing. Our Lord has blessed me with a clean bill of health so far, but I still have some physical limitations which inhibit my rejoining the team.

    I have a big connection to EWTN in Birmingham, and the Blessed Sacrament monastery about 40 miles north of Birmingham. My wife and I went on pilgrimage with Fr Mitch Pacwa in December of 2006 with 52 other pilgrims to Israel, and, it was his 52nd such pilgrimage at that time.

    Thank you for following my blog.

  8. Hi, Jeremy! First of all, thanks for following my blog. I’m curious how you became a chaplain. I’d very much like to take that step, as well. I’m praying about contacting churches, in the area of the jail where I minister, to see what support is available to the incarcerated, once they’re released. And, what I might begin to provide.mi look forward to getting to know your ministry through your blog!

    1. Thank you for following my blog. I currently serve with a ministry called We Care Program that places volunteer, missionary chaplains inside of correctional facilities. We are to assist the state chaplain along with providing spiritual leadership to the church behind bars.

  9. HI Chap…
    You are welcome! I always felt like I was doing what our Lord wanted me to be doing. Most everything else seemed less important. I know it wasn’t but that was because I was trying to be in charge, and the truth is I struggle with that problem daily. I thought it would get easier as I aged. Wrong! My ID always seems to get in the way……Prayer is the only thing I can fall back on…

  10. Thank you from the both of us @ Saint In Training! It’s always a pleasure to meet someone new in the online believer’s community. We pray that God richly bless you and your family in your ministry. I will certainly pray for you and the inmates.

    God bless,
    Rebecca (and Ma Chris)

  11. Thank you for following my blog and giving me the opportunity to get to know you and the ministry you are doing through yours. I look forward to hearing how God is using you. Diane

  12. Hi.
    I would like to thank you for following my blog. The work you are doing and pray God’s success as you minister to those men. This is the beginning though. God gave you the passion you have for a reason. I will be looking forward to reading more of what you have to share.

  13. Hi.
    I would like to thank you for following my blog. The work you are doing and pray God’s success as you minister to those men. This is the beginning though. God gave you the passion you have for a reason. I will be looking forward to reading more of what you have to share.
    Oh and by the way, it’s great to meet you…!!!!! God bless


  14. Thanks for sharing words of encouragement – and thanks for following my blog, Learning From God’s Word. God bless you and make you a blessing to many.

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