Vision, Mission, Goal



“We glorify God..”

From the beginning of Scripture to the end, we clearly see that God’s supreme passion is to display His glory. This is because he alone is infinitely wise, eternally existent, exceedingly creative, and perfectly just. Thus, everything God does is ultimately for the sake of His name. In 1 Chronicles 16:28-29 we see that part of bringing God glory is to bring an offering before Him. So as we seek to serve in ministry to the incarcerated we bring an offering to God by aligning ourselves with God’s purposes. We want to be God-centered and wholeheartedly make much of Him in all we do.

“by discipling, equipping and mobilizing the church…”

Our mission is clear, as followers of Christ we have been given a straightforward command to multiply the work of new life God has begun in us. We are commanded to make disciples of all men and we believe no one is beyond the reach of God, even those inside of prison! Our mission is to see men fall in love with God, be set free from spiritual bondage, and become more and more like Christ!  We want to empower these men to be motivated by their faith in God and to serve one another as mature followers of Christ.

“to make disciples among the incarcerated!”

Our ultimate goal is to impact the incarcerated for the glory of Christ. Our goal is not simply to be just another prison ministry, but an equipping ministry. We want to see “The Great Commission” flow out of the lives of mature disciples that are practicing “The Great Commandment.” Mature disciples whose love for God compels them to share Him with others. By the grace of God we will strive with all of our might to faithfully be hands on in God’s mission of redeeming a people for Himself even among the incarcerated. We long for God’s glory to be extended throughout the prison with multiplying disciples who know, love, and glorify Him regardless of their past.