Recommended Books

Welcome to our Resource Page.

I have been asked to recommend books on prison ministry many times over the last several years and that is why I have put together this Resource Page. This Resource Page highlights books that I would recommend reading ranging from topics on discipleship and manhood to studying the criminal mind. Each topic is on a separate page and if you see a book on that interests you, you can purchase it by clicking on its image. Below is a description of each page.

Resources on Prison Ministry

This page highlights book that I would highly recommend for those who are preparing to enter into prison ministry. For most Christians, prison culture is like visiting a foreign land, and the thought of ministering in prisons to those incarcerated is an intimidating prospect. These books will empower any pastor, educator, or lay leader in doing effective prison ministry by providing a thorough “inside-out” view of prison life.

Resources on Discipleship

This page highlights books that have deeply impacted me and challenged me to make disciples among the incarcerated.  These books explain biblical discipleship, repentance and give you a pattern for change in a clear and practical way that will influence your evangelism efforts.  These are also books that I often recommend to the men inside of prison to help challenge them to engage in making disciples among the incarcerated.

Resources on Addiction

When working in prison ministry, you will encounter men that are living a life of addiction. Whether it is drugs, sex, alcohol or any other life-dominating sin nature problem, these books give you insight into the addiction and will help point them to Jesus Christ.

Resources on Criminal Justice

These books give great insight into our criminal justice system. If you are interested in studying this topic like I am, these books will be some great resources to you.

Resources on The Criminal Mind

When engaging with those who are incarcerated it is important to know how the criminal mind thinks. Many who are incarcerated have a victim mindset and act out as if they are victims. As Christians we want these men to see themselves realistically and develop within them a responsible pattern of thought which in turn will change their behavior. These books are great resources to add to your library as you prepare to reach out to the incarcerated for the glory of Christ.

Resources on Manhood

This set of books address a major problem in our male prisons throughout America. The very reason we have so many males incarcerated is because they have not yet matured as men. Prisons are full of men that have a warped view of what it means to be a man and are searching for meaning in life in all the wrong places. As Christians who are engaged in prison ministry, we have an opportunity to challenge these men to become true men of God!

Other Books That I Recommend

This list of books share the testimonies of men and women who have been impacted by incarceration. They are inspirational and very insightful and I believe you will be encouraged by reading these books!