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41OyV8Mg3VL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_The AmerIcan Dream is at once an inspiring account of a young mans journey from defendant to defense attorney, a window into the inner workings of one of Miami’s most notorious drug rings, and a chilling portrait of the streets that Americas poverty-stricken youth call home. The hood is an addiction. An addiction that pulls as seductively and fiercely as the drugs hustled on its streets. And living in it is a daily exercise in survival. Raised impoverished in the streets of Miami, David Lee Windecher was only eleven years old when he was arrested for shoplifting. It didn’t seem like a big deal at the time, deciding to take what he believed he deserved. But that was the beginning for David. That was the day he started thinking like a hustler. He could stop waiting for the scales to tip in his favor. He could stop going without. He could take what life denied him. And he did. For the next seven years, David fought bitterly against his circumstances at the side of his gang-affiliate brothers. It began with selling dope to help his family eat, but pulled into the dark, seductive life of violence, drugs, money, and notoriety David lost himself to the game. Before he turned eighteen, he had built and masterminded a crime ring, had been arrested thirteen times, and fought daily wars against rival gangs and dirty cops. But deep inside of David, an idealistic boy still dreamed of becoming an attorney and fighting for justice despite race. He was just waiting for someone to believe he existed.

51oTGDcIkvL._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_As a young woman, Mary Kay Beard let the pain and anger from an abusive childhood drive her into a life of crime and danger. By the time she was 27, she was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List, wanted in four states, and was the target of a mafia contract. Finally captured, convicted of armed robbery, sentenced to 21 years, and thrown into solitary confinement in an Alabama prison, Mary Kay took stock of her life. She started reading the Bible. Thus began God’s amazing transformation of a broken, bitter criminal into a beautiful woman of faith and service.


51OV+Y8Tb+L._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_With chains binding him to the edge of insanity, his cry echoes off of the jail cell walls: “God help me!” Armenian immigrant Roger Munchian grew up among the violence and hopelessness of East L.A. Despite the surrounding violence, Munchian was a model student. Yet no one would have suspected the hidden life of drugs, thievery and violence bubbling just below the model-student veneer. His unquenchable thirst for money and power allowed him to build a multi-million dollar empire on drugs and violence. He ran fast. He ran hard. It took highway death and carnage to finally stop him. The high-speed collision with a highway median wall leaves twelve-time felon Munchian strapped to the crazy chair in county jail. Booked on two counts of vehicular homicide, he is certain to face Death Row. His road to wealth and power was bloody. So was his road to salvation. God hears his cry for help, arriving at his jail cell that night with a miracle. For the first time in Munchian’s life-God is real. But so is the journey.

I had the opportunity to interview Roger Munchian whom the book is about on the“Detention to Redemption” podcast in Episode 014: Roger Munchian, One Man’s Testimony Of Being Rescued Through His Arrest


51zprWzHbIL._SX339_BO1,204,203,200_When Charles Colson was released after seven months of prison time following the Watergate scandal, the last thing on earth he wanted to do was go back into those dark, frightening prisons, but God called him to do just that. Thus was born a life-long ministry, and here, for the first time, if the amazing success story of Prison Fellowship’s thirty years of work in the darkest places on earth.



61A9CxP1yXL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Richard E Morris shares his real life story that is captivating and action packed.The reader is rapidly transported from story to story. It sparks an array of feelings and emotions triggered by heavy drama, suspense and passion that is threaded throughout each narrative. Follow him through this captivating true life adventure covering three countries and four states. There is never a dull moment and because of the suspense you will not be able to close the pages in this riveting, incredible and remarkable true life story. Follow him through this life journey you will not be disappointed and the fact that the writer is still here to tell his story is remarkable IT’S NEVER TOO LATE TO CHANGE.

326573_w185If Bill Dallas didn’t have it all, he had most of it. A diploma from a prestigious university, a lucrative career as a top California real estate entrepreneur, and more than enough money to fund a life filled with sports cars, penthouses, and beautiful women. And then it all fell apart. Convicted of grand theft embezzlement, the former golden boy found himself in one of the nation’s most infamous institutions―San Quentin, home of “the worst of the worst.” He thought it was the end of everything. But the real story was about to begin.  Lessons from San Quentin chronicles Bill’s journey from narcissistic playboy . . . to suicidal inmate . . . to spiritual apprentice. Along the way, it introduces us to his unlikely mentors―San Quentin’s “Lifers,” who guided Bill to an unexpected relationship with God. Through a vivid and transparent recounting of stories from his prison experience, Bill shares 12 life principles he had to learn the hard way―and that can help you triumph over even the most difficult circumstances.

51k8HsLM7SL._SX313_BO1,204,203,200_This is the story of two men. One, Harold Morris, was white – a sharecropper’s son from South Carolina. The other, Marcus “Doc” Odomes, was black – raised by his mother in inner city New York. Both men were poisoned by the hatred of racism. They both chose to live their lives in the fast lane: alcohol, drugs, and running with the wrong crowd. Both were doing life sentences in Georgia State Penitentiary when the prison was forced to integrate under federal mandate. It was the last prison in America to do so. After the prison rioted against integration, the warden threw Harold and Doc into an eight-foot by ten-foot cell and the door was slammed shut. The warden wanted to show that a black and a white inmate could live together. Inmates and guards were laying odds on which would kill the other. Both were all-state athletes before entering the prison, and they were used by the warden to recruit other inmates to play in the first organized integrated basketball game in the history of the prison. This game was the catalyst for the successful integration of the prison.

one-way-out_09677bb7f5ca14ed80a2fda78ccbfc6eIn the beginning of 2002, Chaplain Brian Eskelinen was assigned to a State Correctional Institution nicknamed “The Bottom” to serve as its chaplain. It seems only appropriate that the Lord would direct him to the bottom, when it was at the bottom of a bottle that the Lord found him years earlier. After decades of living as nothing more then a helpless, pitiful addict, Chaplain Eskelinen had an encounter in 1997 that would forever change him and deeply affect countless others. From his own life-changing experience he now knows that there is not another human being alive that is so far down that they are beyond the grasp of the same hand that pulled him to safety.

61ff363k79l-_sl500_sx314_bo1204203200_Molested at the age of seven by a family member and threatened with his life not to tell, Richard Lee Morgan became filled with hatred and rage even as a young boy. He entered juvenile prison at a young age and served nearly 32 years behind bars by the time he was released in 1991. While Richard was already in prison, Dove was a 12 year old girl with an alcoholic father that was never home. As she got older, she developed a real heart for helping drug addicts, alcoholics, and those that were locked up. Eventually, Dove became involved in prison ministry and met Richard “Bear” Morgan. This is the story of their journey of faith together. You will laugh one minute and cry the next as you read each adventure in this heart warming account of two people that the world said wouldn’t make it.

I had the opportunity to interview Dove Morgan Schmidt whom wrote the book on the“Detention to Redemption” podcast in Episode 017: Dove Morgan Schmidt, Formerly Incarcerated Richard Bear Morgan’s Journey Of Faith

51d9y9inwgl-_sx328_bo1204203200_For Brenda Spahn, entrepreneur and businesswoman, wealth was a lifestyle—until a brush with the law threatened to send her to prison. In those dark moments, Brenda made a promise to God.  Spared incarceration, a renewed Brenda glimpsed into the lives of women serving time in one of the worst places in America—the Julia Tutwiler Prison for Women in Wetumpka, Alabama.  What she saw prompted a God-inspired vision. With a heart to help and a will that couldn’t be crushed, Brenda fought the system and overcame tremendous obstacles to take ex-cons into her own home and help them navigate the alien world of life on the outside. This is the story of Brenda’s journey from rags to riches to redemption. It’s the story of the first unlikely year of her “Whole Way House” and of the extraordinary lives of the first seven women who came to call her “Miss Brenda.” It’s a story that testifies to the power of faith and how God changes hearts every day.

5119zvgbwel-_sx307_bo1204203200_Bill Corum rode over 2500 miles in handcuffs, leg-irons and waist-chains in his first twenty one years of life. After his release from prison, he finally returned to his home in Kansas City, MO determined to never go back. Yet, he had no intentions of ever becoming a law-abiding citizen…only covering his tracks. Bill’s insatiable hunger for money, power, and influence drove him. He spent the next eighteen years evading the law. Like a frog in a slowly boiling pot, he found himself in the ever tightening vise-grip of drugs, pornography, prostitution and organized crime, until he found himself in so deep… there was no way out. After being arrested, he faced the probability of spending the rest of his life behind prison walls. Will Bill Corum receive the Ultimate Pardon? Read this autobiography and find out!

61Ln4gYPrQL._SX282_BO1,204,203,200_The Unmakin of the Criminal Mind was written by a man that is still currently serving a life sentence in the Texas Department of Corrections. This book is an interesting read and gives that reader a glimpse of the life and struggles of the incarcerated. Bobby Delgado writes about the battle of our soul and who you listen to is who you serve.



51BKAaqRgGL._SX276_BO1,204,203,200_Jack Roland Murphy is a surfing champion, musician, author, artist, and convicted murder, who was involved in the biggest jewel heist in American history at the American Museum of Natural History. Murf The Surf is Jack Murphy’s personal account of living in the underworld fast lane, 21 years in maximum security prisons, and how he survived in a society of takers, users and walking deadmen.

I had the opportunity to interview Jack Roland Murphy the author of this book on the“Detention to Redemption” podcast in Episode 003: Jack Murphy, A Former Jewel Thief And Murders Story of Redemption