Recommended Curriculum

book-stackThere is a lot of curriculum out there that people may recommend for prison ministry. A lot of this curriculum is good but not all of it is helpful. When I think of finding the right curriculum I begin with material that addresses the problems that the incarcerated men and women face. I often begin with addressing their addictive lifestyles, thought patterns, and their lack of basic problem solving. Once you have addressed these areas then it is good to replace their negative behavior and thoughts with positive character studies. All of the classes are taught through the lens of scripture and leads the inmate from negative behavior back to God where eternal change happens.

Every piece of curriculum I use has been sought out intentionally even though my list of curriculum isn’t exhaustive and will be added to as time goes on. My goal in leading these discipleship groups inside of prison is to address the problems at hand, introduce to them the life changing power of Jesus their Savior and Lord, and equip these men tools to become prosperous citizens, better fathers to their children, and become the men God created them to be.

If you are interested in any of this material and want more information about it you can click on any of the titles below.

La Red (LifeLink)

Kingdom Thinking

Inside Out Dad

Celebrate Recovery Inside

Financial Peace University

Knights of the 21st Century

Problem Solving


Maybe you aren’t active in prison ministry but would like to support my effort in getting this material to the men that I minister too. You can so by going to our “ADOPT A CLASS” page.